"Here's a sneak peek of Andrew Bird and Ian Schneller's "Sonic Arboretum."" - MCA Chi.

Andrew Bird and Ian Schneller's Sonic Arboretum installation opens tomorrow, at Chicago's Museum of Contemporary Art.

A collection of horned speakers, made from compressed recycled newsprint and dryer lint, created by sculptor and instrument-maker Ian Schneller and composer/violinist Andrew Bird, are installed in the MCA's atrium to create a unique sound garden. Bird records the initial compositions on-site at the MCA and sends musical information to different groups of horns via multiple loops. He layers and changes the compositions throughout the remainder of the installation off-site via computer technology.

Towards the end of the month (on December 21st & 22nd), Bird will perform with the horned speakers, just as he did at NYC's Guggenheim Museum two summers ago. Both nights are sold out.


The MCA is open from 10AM - 8PM on Tuesdays, and 10AM - 5PM Wednesday - Sunday. Visit the exhibit at anytime during those hours, for no extra charge.

Check out a short clip of Schneller talking about the project, below..