Brian Posehn @ SXSW

The metal-loving, alternative comedian of Mr. Show/Sarah Silverman Show/tons-of-stuff fame Brian Posehn is touring and will appear at Ottos Nightclub in DeKalb on Friday (9/9) (tickets) and the Cubby Bear in Chicago on Saturday (9/10) (tickets). Metromix asked Brian about his choice of Chicago venues (a baseball bar). He said...

"When gigs come up and I don't know what places are like, I ask around, ask my manager or agent what other comics have done this place, what are the crowds like, what's the response like. That was kind of a new venue for comedy. I had a great experience. I had a local Chicago guy and a friend of mine, Dan Telfer, open up for me, and we had a great time. I've had fans online go, "Why are you going back to that place?" I've got the metal fans and the alternative comedy fans, and it's not really a place they go to. But I had a great time judging it from the first time I played there."

The Dekalb show is with Ween's Dave Dreiwitz and Gene Ween who also play Rock Island Brewing Co in Rock Island tonight (9/8).

Check out a video of Brian performing at Coachella 2007, below...


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