by Fred Pessaro

The Rival Mob at 285 Kent in Brooklyn, April 2013 (more by Tod Seelie)
Rival Mob

Somebody get this guy a trophy. Whoever booked what is arguably the hardcore show of the year in Chicago, deserves some sort of kudos. I mean it's not everyday that a lineup like Cro-Mags with Breakdown (87 demo lineup), The Rival Mob, Damnation AD, Endpoint, No Tolerance, Spine and Assault USA is assembled. It's happening at Bottom Lounge on June 29 and tickets are on sale now.

Now all Chicago needs is a Judge reunion show. No word on that, but Breakdown is scheduled to play with Judge this weekend at Black & Blue Bowl in NYC with the great Kill Your Idols. Somebody find this Cro-Mags booker and give them the 3rd degree.

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