words by Zach Pollack, photos by Shelby Shaw


When you see a Crystal Castles show, you get to know your neighbors pretty well...if you know what I mean. The Riv was packed last night (3/12) for the Canadian electronic duo, and the wisely chosen opener Teengirl Fantasy.

Although they didn't address the crowd even one time, Crystal Castles flew through an action-packed set featuring songs from both 2008's Crystal Castles, and 2010's Crystal Castles II. Live, the original lineup of Ethan Kath and Alice Glass was aided by drummer Christopher Chartrand. Despite Alice's cast from her recently broken ankle, she moved around the venue with ease only using one crutch for support. Standout tracks such as "Empathy", and "Baptism" were given new life as extended live versions. The crowd flailed around in the flash of the strobe lights, almost hypnotically drawn to the thumping beats. Alice Glass is like the Energizer bunny, IF he ran solely on bottles of Jack Daniel's that is.

Crystal Castles will continue on with their current tour tagging Michigan, Philly, D.C., New York, Boston, and Miami along the way to their hometown of Toronto, Ontario.

More photos of their set at the Riv last night are below...

Crystal Castles