words by Jamie Gooden

Michio Kurihara, and Damon & Naomi (photo by Anabel Vázquez Rodríguez)

In the tide of their recently released LP False Beats and True Hearts, Damon & Naomi have been touring with friends and fellow musicians Amor De Días, on the road behind their newest LP Street of the Love of Days. The tour settled in Chicago last night (5/27) at Lincoln Hall opening with Chicago locals Good Night & Good Morning; a textural, ambient group with songs sprawling towards ten minutes. The young musicians played quietly and intently, concentrating their energy towards their instruments rather than the crowd. Their set was beautiful and contemplative, but felt more like a bedroom lullaby for midday naps than a concert.

Amor De Días, the collaboration of Alasdair MacLean of Clientele and Spanish vocalist Lupe Núñez-Fernández, took the stage with cellist Heather McIntosh. Núñez-Fernández voice was delicate and whimsical as it played across the music and harmonized with MacLean's own vocals. The crowd was respectfully silent and still, laughing only as MacLean introduced what might seem as an odd cover..of the Dead Kennedys. The trio sat in a crescent on the stage, adding to the night's lull and a living room intimacy of the performance; if only the venue were a bit smaller to further lend to that feel.

The liveliest of the night's performers and former member of Galaxie 500, Damon & Naomi took the stage with Smokey Hormel on electric guitar, subbing for Michio Kurihara who unfortunately had his US work Visa stolen and couldn't attend, and Bhob Rainey on soprano sax. Heather McIntosh joined them for several songs, including "Lilac Land" from what Damon claims is the saddest record of their career, "Within These Walls." To end the night, Lupe Núñez-Fernández joined everyone on stage for a cover of "Shine a Light" by the Rolling Stones. The cover was full of heartfelt and the crowd leaned forward and mouthed the lyrics along. All of the music soft and full of emotion, the evening's performances could have passed for a soundtrack to a Sofia Coppola film.

Head below to view Damon & Naomi's 5/27 setlist.

What She Brings
Lilac Land
Ueno Station
Nettles & Ivy
Turn of the Century
Second Life
Shine a Light