Danny Brown and Joey Purp heated up a chilly night at House of Vans to celebrate 312 Day with Goose Island. Both rappers were on point, blowing through hits with the explosive energy you expect from these two. Pictures from the night are in the gallery above.

Chicago hero Joey Purp made his return to the House of Vans a memorable one. The crowd was clearly there just as much for Joey as they were for Danny, shouting along to the big cuts from iiiDrops like “Photobooth” and “Cornerstore”. The horn-heavy triumph of “Morning Sex” was a stellar way to kick off the set and Joey kept the room rapt as he ran through the cream of his discography, including a Leather Corduroys song which was a welcome surprise. Lots of shoutouts to Chicago as you would expect, and the crowd ate it up.

Danny Brown’s set took the momentum from Joey’s set and slammed the pedal through the floor, running through a tour of his discography’s greatest hits. “Lie4” and “Monopoly” off the breakthrough XXX were crowd favorites, “25 Bucks” from Old also got a massive welcome but the only Atrocity Exhibition track that really got any love was “Really Doe”. I was really hoping for a set that focused more on the weirder stuff from Atrocity, but running through the party songs at a show with an open bar makes sense and the crowd seemed to dig it.


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