Empty Bottle

We've never extended our friendship to our patrons quite like this before, but we are pleased as punch that you want to bask in the warmth of our boozy embrace. Like all good partnerships, we want you to know exactly what we expect from you to ensure that we remain besties.

Here's how the pass works.

- The pass is non-transferrable and each time you cut the line to enter for free, your ID will be checked against the name on your pass at the time of entry. No one likes identity theft.

- Your laminate is good for the admission of one (1) person only. That's you. Bring friends with you and feel superior knowing that we love you more.

- Take care of your laminate. We're virgins at this and want you to respect this most personal of relationship gifting. We understand that accidents happen - heck, we're offering you free booze. Replacement laminates will be available one time only and comes with a $15 fee. We can't let you back in our pants for free - people would talk.

If a laminate is found to be shared or falsely used, it may be revoked immediately and without refund. This is a friendship based on trust - you can trust us to keep bringing the best music to Chicago so you'll want hang out with us as much as possible and we want to trust you to keep this special bond between just us.

There are two levels of passes being offered.

The "Standard Pass" goes for $150 and gives you: (1) Free entry to any events held at the Empty Bottle with a ticket price below $10 with no lines, no waiting. FOB passes will be honored when advance tickets are under $10, (2) A 24-hour exclusive window to purchase tickets to any show $10 and up, (3) Exclusive invites to secret VIP shows, (4) A drink ticket with entry to a show at the Empty Bottle ($5 maximum value), (5) Your choice of an Empty Bottle T-shirt, (6) 15% off between doors and showtime at Bite Cafe, and (7) 15% off the purchase of posters, T-shirts from the Empty Bottle on-line store.

The "Gold Pass" ($500) gives you all of the above, and entry to ALL SHOWS no matter the price.

Is there anyone you haven't bought a holiday present for yet?

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