Epitonic's inaugural Deep Freeze Festival is slated to take place on Friday, January 31 and Saturday, February 1 at Wicker Park venues Subterranean and Double Door. The festival aims to celebrate "local Chicago artists in Chicago weather, while local artists are doing less touring, and locals are looking to get out of the house." Its lineup features scrappy, melodic punks Meat Wave, Bruce Lamont's genre-straddling Bloodiest, anthemic indie rockers Carbon Tigers, gritty, alt-country outfit Shiloh, and many more acts, plus comedy. You can check out the full Deep Freeze Fest schedule below, which makes use of both the upstairs and downstairs of the two venues. Two-day festival passes are still available and you could also purchase tickets for each individual show.

The full Deep Freeze Festival schedule can be found below...


Friday January 31st Subterranean

Music Upstairs:
12:15 Pillars and Tongues
11:25 Cocksure
10:30 Chandeliers
9:30 Holyoak
8:30 Brontosaurus
+ hosted by Bill Cruz, Marty DeRosa, Brian Babylon, Kellye Howard + Danny Kallas

Comedy Downstairs:
10:00 Mike Lebovitz, Kellye Howard + Brian Babylon
9:00 Marlena Rodriguez, Dominizualan, Scoundrels + Exquisite Corpse
8:00 Shitshow

Friday January 31st Double Door

Music Upstairs:
12:00 Carbon Tigers
11:00 Suns
10:00 Secret Colours
9:00 Wedding Dress
+ hosted by Mike Lebovitz, Marty DeRosa, Brian Babylon, Candy Lawrence , Chris Condren, Drew Frees + Matty Ryan

Comedy Downstairs:
11:40 Mike Lebovitz + Adam Burke,
10:40 Marty DeRosa + Brian Babylon
9:40 Candy Lawrence + Bill Cruz
8:00 Drew Frees, Charlie Bury, Danny Kallas, Chris Condren, Matty Ryan, Liza Treyger + Martin Morrow

Saturday February 1st Subterranean

Music Upstairs :
12:15 Meat Wave
11:15 Tight Phantomz
10:30 Like Pioneers
9:30 Jon Lindsay
8:30 Shiloh
+ hosted by Sarah King, Danny Kallas, Marty DeRosa, Michael Lehrer, Sarah Shook, Candy Lawrence, Drew Frees

Comedy Downstairs:
10:00 Marty DeRosa, Danny Kallas
9:00 Liza Treyger, Martin Morrow, Marlena Rodriguez, Brian Babylon, Charlie Bury + Matty Ryan
8:00 Milliondollarideaz (Michael Lehrer and friends) + Fetch
7:30 Chris Condren + Candy Lawrence

Saturday February 1st Double Door

Music Upstairs:
12:00 Bloodiest
11:00 Czar
10:00 Beak
9:00 Pink Avalanche
+ hosted by Mike Lebovitz, Justin Kline, Kellye Howard + Drew Frees

Comedy Downstairs:
11:40 Justin Kline
10:40 Mike Lebovitz + Sarah King
9:40 Drew Frees + Kellye Howard
8:00 Kill All Comedy

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