Fiona Apple @ Lincoln Hall on 3/18/2012 (photo via)

Fiona Apple commenced the first of two sold-out nights at Lincoln Hall on Sunday [March 18] with a murderous shriek. She ended the 50-minute affair in a rare moment of tranquillity, the moody juxtaposition the exclamation point on an absorbingly intense comeback show that witnessed the reclusive singer/pianist hiss, twitch, flail, gulp tea and behave in neurotic fashion, eliminating barriers between performer and music with frightening realism.

The ferocity may owe to the 34-year-old artist's prolonged absence. She hasn't toured in five years and, while an album is allegedly forthcoming in summer, last released a record in 2005. Strangely, her hiatus didn't dim her appeal. Fans greeted two appearances at the recent South By Southwest Music Conference and news of her current five-city trek with a manic enthusiasm that suggested Apple had returned from exile.
[Bob Gendron - Chicago Tribune]

Check out Apple's full setlist below, which included: "Sleep To Dream," "Criminal," "Extraordinary Machine," and other favorites, plus a few new tunes as well. She does it again at Lincoln Hall TONIGHT. Do you have tickets?

Fiona Apple - 3/18 Lincoln Hall Setlist:
Fast As You Can
On the Bound
Paper Bag
A Mistake
Anything We Want #
Valentine #
Sleep To Dream
Extraordinary Machine
Every Single Night #

# new songs