Sailor Jerry, who are currently sponsoring Tomorrow Never Knows 2012, are celebrating the 101st anniversary of their founder and legendary tattoo artist Norman Colins, with a birthday party at The Chicago Tattoo & Piercing Company tomorrow (1/14).

The A.V. Club Chicago chimed in regarding the event:

In addition to free Sailor Jerry cocktails, the company will give away 101 complimentary tattoos based on original artwork by the tattoo legend, because nothing can go wrong when you mix tattoos and alcohol.

Visit the shop at any time tomorrow for a free drink and a chance at being one of the 101-people to get inked/receive art.

In related news, Sailor Jerry recently sponsored a FREE Dirtbombs/White Mystery show at Subterranean. Check out our coverage HERE.

Alright now Chicago, don't everyone go ahead and get the same exact pinup girl!

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