Guided by Voices just wrapped up the first leg of their tour marking the return of Doug Gillard to the fold. They played Chicago's Metro on Saturday (9/3) and their 52-song set featured a mix of GBV favorites, plus songs by Pollard's other bands Boston Spaceships and Ricked Wicky, as well as Pollard solo cuts, and a cover of The Who's "Baba O'Riley." The show opened with "Royal Cyclopean" which is a song by Pollard and Gillard's new project ESP Ohio. Setlist from the Metro show is below and pictures (including ones of openers Broncho and Jason Narducy's band Split Single) are in the gallery above.


SETLIST: Guided by Voices @ Metro, Chicago 9/3/2016
Royal Cyclopean (ESP Ohio song)
The Quickers Arrive
Planet Score
Psychic Pilot Clocks Out
Dayton, Ohio-19 Something and 5
I Can Illustrate (Robert Pollard song)
Make Use (Robert Pollard song)
Hotel X (Big Soap)
Arrows and Balloons (Robert Pollard song)
Expecting Brainchild
The Brides Have Hit Glass
I Am a Tree
The Hand That Holds You (Robert Pollard song)
Mobility (Ricked Wicky cover)
Tractor Rape Chain
Kid on a Ladder
What Are All Those Paint Men Digging? (Ricked Wicky cover)
Dragons Awake!
Cut-Out Witch
My Daughter Yes She Knows (Robert Pollard song)
Subspace Biographies (Robert Pollard song)
Question Girl All Right (Boston Spaceships cover)
Echos Myron
Do Something Real (Robert Pollard song)
Come On Mr. Christian
Tabby & Lucy (Boston Spaceships cover)
My Zodiac Companion
Authoritarian Zoo
Glittering Parliaments
Poor Substitute (Ricked Wicky cover)
Piss Face (Ricked Wicky cover)
Miles Under the Skin (Robert Pollard song)
Game of Pricks
Eye Shop Heaven
Fair Touching
Teenage FBI
Come On Baby Grace (Boston Spaceships cover)
The Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory
Love Is Stronger Than Witchcraft (Robert Pollard song)
Please Be Honest
Glad Girls
I Am a Scientist
Of Course You Are (Robert Pollard song)

Back to the Lake
Shocker in Gloomtown
Don't Stop Now

Encore 2:
The Official Ironmen Rally Song
Motor Away
Smothered in Hugs

Encore 3:
Not Behind the Fighter Jet
A Salty Salute
Baba O'Riley (The Who cover)

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