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A Twitter account called "Lolla Leaks" recenty amassed over 2000 followers and caused quite a stir when Perry Farrell even reacted to the person's claim that "Metallica, Beyonce, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Killers, Beck, Sonic Youth and more" were playing the Chicago festival this year. So many people were talking about it and sending us emails about it (nice work @LollaLeaks), that we felt we should at least acknowledge it here on BV Chicago, which we did via a sentence in one of our daily "What's Going On" posts.

Well, guess what? Not only are the lineup leaks (not surprisingly) fake (or are they????), the person responsible has come clean, and you can read what they wrote on their Tumblr, below...

The Big Reveal

Ready for the big news?

As you've likely noticed, Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth has announced a date in Copenhagen for August 6, 2012. You probably think this makes them unlikely for an appearance at Lollapalooza a few days prior. Luckily, I have an explanation for this whole thing...
I've been fucking with you this whole time.

I started @LollaLeaks as a bit of an experiment. Could one "anonymous" person throw a random lineup on the internet and get people to believe it? I figured I'd fool a few people, maybe make a local blog or something... Never did I imagine I would end up feuding with Perry Farrell (Dave Navarro chimed in at one point, too) and have my fake "leaks" reported on by several very reputable blogs and news outlets. (Several reporters even attempted to contact me for more info through Twitter) After one week of posting, I had 2,000 followers who retweeted my every post, came to me with questions, and lashed out at me when I posted about acts they didn't like. It was the single most bizarre moment of my tweeting life.

Part of me does feel bad. I'm sure I got some of your hopes about a lineup that I, for one, would love to see happen. But, at the same time, it's hard for me to sympathize with people who take information from an anonymous stranger seriously. Anyone can start a blog/Twitter account and post lies. I'm proof of that. The fact that so many of you believed me and shared that information is a little startling, to be honest with you. Why not wait for credible sources that have evidence to back up their claims? While I totally understand the excitement leading up to an awesome fest like Lolla, you guys (especially journalists) should know better. Anyway, I'd like to address a few people...

Perry Farrell:
I honestly meant no harm with this account. I respect you and the festival more than you can ever realize, and I have created some great memories there. In all honesty, you can't say this wasn't fun. Plus, no publicity is bad publicity! All of this attention is proof of the excitement surrounding what you do. I harbor no ill feelings towards you after our testy Twitter exchange (I assure you, however, I have a very average sized penis) and wish you and Lolla the best. See you in August!

I don't know you. It frustrated me that you kept trying to act like we were working together on these leaks when I know you're just as fake as me. I know that sounds a little harsh, but it's true. While it may be tempting, be careful who you try to associate yourself with. Your credibility is shot now. Sorry. (Not really).

Lollapalooza Facebook People:
Thank you for promoting my Twitter feed. Within hours of my first post, I gained followers from the posters on this page. This whole experiment wouldn't have been possible without you. (Also, Daft Punk/David Bowie won't be at Lollapalooza anytime soon. You don't need to be an insider to know that.)

Lollapalooza Message Board People:
This was an entertaining bunch. Everyone was accusing each other of being @LollaLeaks, speculating whether or not it was real (most of you knew I was full of shit), and even getting into serious discussions about whether or not a band like Korn could really play at Lollapalooza in 2012. Thanks for the laughs.

The highlight of this whole experience was watching the news stories snowball, each one carrying fake details into the next. Even though my account was clearly brand new, many said I had predicted the lineup the year before. Others attributed bands I never mentioned to my leaked lineup. Most of you avoided reporting the lineup, deciding instead to focus on the Perry Farrell/Lolla Leaks feud, but a few of you reported my lineup as fact. Please, for everyone's sake, don't be lazy. Don't get caught up in internet frenzies. Someday it might involve something important and can really hurt someone.

So, in short, I would just like to thank you for the fun over the past few weeks and remind you to take everything from anonymous posters with a grain of salt. Festivals can be pretty easy to predict, and some people will take advantage of that and run year-long blogs or create mysterious message board profiles to convince you that they have insider information. Just wait until you hear it from a good, reputable source. It'll be worth it. I promise.

If you want to yell at me, congratulate me for trolling so well, or anything else (Like offer me a job in your marketing department if you're C3 Presents or talk about the whole hoax if you're a journalist who doesn't hate me), feel free to e-mail me at I'll try to respond to as many as I can. Depending on the responses, I might even give out my personal Twitter info. We'll see.
Take care and have fun at Lolla,

Nice work LL, we honestly do commend you!

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