Like many bands worldwide, international collective Mahogany are gearing up for their trek to Austin, TX for the 27th annual South by South West Music Festival. As discussed, they'll be playing our FREE joint day party with Epitonic at Swan Dive and Barbarella Patio on Wednesday, March 13. Their set will be at 12:45PM on the BV Chicago stage (at Barbarella Patio), and will feature an eclectic variety of instruments.

They've got a brand new single out, called "Phase Break," which is an eight-minute synth-y number with a cello at its center. It's very Talking Heads-like, and I suppose as its title suggests, the song takes a major turn at 4:30 from thick new wave to something more dainty. A stream of Mahogany's new single and their full SXSW schedule are below...

Mahogany - "Phase Break"

Mahogany -- 2013 Tour Dates

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