by Milos Markicevic


Miami Connection, a long forgotten 1987 anti-drug film featuring a drug-dealing Ninja biker gang duking it out with a cheesy synth rock band called Dragon Sound, is being released by Drafthouse Films. The film will see the light of day again thanks to Drafthouse, who got their hands on it via an impulsive $50 eBay bid. Having no idea what they had just bought, the company screened the film and realized they had unearthed a gem. Drafthouse are also putting out a 7" of Dragon Sound songs, and you can stream both sides of that single below.

Miami Connection was directed by martial arts master Y.K. Kim, who had the goal of releasing a sincere film with themes of justice, brotherhood, and loyalty. Instead, he wound up with some something even harder to film: accidental comedy gold. It just might be the best movie since The Room. Hell, it might be better than The Room. Decide for yourself when Miami Connection comes to The Music Box Theatre from November 16-24. Showtimes and ticketing information are forthcoming; check The Music Box's website for updates.

Check out a trailer for the film and listen to the 7" below...

Miami Connection trailer

Dragon Sound - "Friends" / "Against the Ninja"