Minor Characters @ Hotel Vegan (bvChicago-SXSW 2012) (more by Tim Griffin)

As you may have seen us tweet on Saturday night, Chicago's Minor Characters were added as the first openers of Portugal. The Man and The Lonely Forest's sold-out show at the Vic tomorrow night (April 17).

You can also catch Minor Characters at Saki on Saturday (April 21), as part of the bvChicago-presented full day of in-store performances. The Runnies, Opposites, Hollows, Cross Record, and others are also included on the bill. Head to Saki for some great live music, Record Store Day exclusive releases, raffles, and much more.

AND in a little over an hour (at 7:30PM CST to be exact), Minor Characters will play an Audiotree Live Session which you can stream in real-time via their website.

Take a listen to Minor Characters' debut self-titled EP in its entirety below...


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