Office of Future Plans (aka J. Robbins from Jawbox/Burning Airlines' latest project) recently visited the A.V. Club to take part in their Holiday Undercover. Bringing along The Eternals frontman Damon Locks (who Robbins said is responsible for making him punk rock), the 5-piece tackled the Dead Kennedys' track "Holiday In Cambodia."

Here's what the A.V. Club had to say about their interesting choice:

From the beginning, we've played pretty loose with the "holiday" part of Holiday Undercover. The songs didn't have to be carols or even necessarily Christmas-related--they could just have the word "holiday" in them, for instance. Make no mistake: Dead Kennedys immortal punk classic "Holiday In Cambodia" isn't about spreading yuletide cheer to the less fortunate; it's a searing indictment of phony liberalism and the murderous totalitarian regime of Pol Pot. Fa la la la la, la la la la!

Office Of Future Plans released their debut self-titled LP in November via Dischord Records. Take a listen via their bandcamp.

Footage of their Dead Kennedys cover, below..


Office Of Future Plans and Damon Locks cover "Holiday In Cambodia"

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