But while Savage was often depressed while making the album, for reasons he won't divulge, and that song was a "purging of emotions that can't stay in you anymore," he sees "Human Performance" as happy and upbeat. "Berlin Got Blurry," in particular, deals with a vague lonely feeling, but the music is all joyful rock 'n' roll, from the organ solo to the clipped way Savage shouts, "Yeah!" before the guitar solo; "One Man, No City" is a six-minute Velvet Underground vamp. "For all I've gone through for this record, it would be a shame if it was just known as a sad, cathartic record," he says. "It's not." - [Chicago Tribune]

Parquet Courts' tour supporting terrific new album Human Performance hit Chicago on Thursday, April 21. Pictures from the show, including ones of tourmates Soda, continue below...


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