If you caught them at just the right moment, the members of Savages looked like they were actually enjoying themselves on stage Thursday at Metro. Drummer Fay Milton would crack a smile, or bassist Ayse Hassan would rock rapturously back and forth. Singer Jehnny Beth bantered good-naturedly with the audience in between songs, as if entertaining a few friends back home in London.

Grins? Small talk? That just wasn’t happening on the quartet’s first tour of America three years ago. Back then, it was more like the band was collectively lunging at its audience. I remember taking a few instinctive steps backward when they would start playing, as if to avoid getting hit by a flying guitar or drum stick, or one of Beth’s death glares. - [Chicago Tribune]

Savages brought their Adore Life tour to Metro on April 7. The band have grown much more confident and their live show now regularly has singer Jehnny Beth walking atop the crowd, as you can see above. Check out more pictures from their show, including ones of opener Angus Tarnawsky below.


Angus Tarnawsky