In exciting record-collecting news, the Chicago-based reissue specialists at The Numero Group are making their extensive (around 275-title) catalogue much more accessible as they open up a factory outlet store. The new outlet opens this Today (7/8), at Numero's main warehouse in Little Village, located at 2533 South Troy Street. Everything in the store will be 25% off today, and Numero employees will be DJing the whole time. All in all, seems like a solid Friday.

Numero always have a ton of cool stuff going on. Recently that's meant some Blonde Redhead reissues, reissues of the first few White Zombie releases (back when they were a noise-rock band), and the compilation Eccentric Soul: Sitting in the Park, which pulls deep soul cuts from the massive collection of the late, legendary Chicago soul DJ Bob Abrahamian.

You can always browse Numero's catalogue here.