Ryan Adams in Chicago (photos by Marc Alghini & Tina Campbell)

A kinder, gentler, and happier version of the normally temperamental Ryan Adams emerged Sunday at a sold-out Cadillac Palace Theatre. Performing solo and acoustic, the singer/multi-instrumentalist stripped roots-based songs down to the barest elements, occasionally reducing volumes to pin-drop-quiet levels that echoed with sincerity and redemption. While evident in new fare such as the soul-warming "Lucky Now," Adams' budding maturity anchored a majority of a 135-minute set equally notable for what didn't occur.

Having recently ended a hiatus from music, the tousled-haired Adams looked content and sounded wiser. "Apparently I was extremely well-[expletive] adjusted when I wrote some of these songs," he cracked in an introduction to "Carolina Rain," one of several instances during which the troubadour drew on amusing sarcasm to acknowledge a checkered personal history of questionable antics, substance abuse and self-sabotaging behavior. Granted, the fussy Adams instituted a strict no-camera policy at the show. Yet when stray flashes illuminated the otherwise dimly lit stage, he ignored them. Just a few years ago, he probably would've caused a scene. [Bob Gendron; Chicago Tribune]

Were you in attendance to catch the allegedly more stable singer-songwriter?

Jessica Lea Mayfield opened the show, and we've got Ryan's full setlist, below..

Ryan Adams - 12/11 Cadillac Palace Theatre Setlist:
Oh My Sweet Carolina
Ashes & Fire
If I Am a Stranger
Dirty Rain
My Winding Wheel
My Blue Manhattan
Carolina Rain
Everybody Knows
Invisible Riverside
Let It Ride
Dear Chicago
Chains of Love
16 Days (Whiskeytown song)
Lucky Now
New York, New York
Crossed Out Name
Please Do Not Let Me Go
"Lady with the Phone Song"
Round and Round (Ratt cover)
"Thank you for coming song"
Come Pick Me Up
Nutshell (Alice in Chains cover)