On Saturday night (1/21), A violin and two guitars were stolen out of the trunk of Scotland Yard Gospel Choir's van, parked in front of The Whistler (2421 N. Milwaukee Ave.) where frontman Elia Einhorn was holding the final installment of his monthly DJ event. Specific details on each instrument and the proper contacts if you have any info are below.

In other stolen property news, Loyal Divide's van was jacked either last night or in the early part of today (it is not clear). At 3PM today they tweeted, "Our beautiful van was stolen from us! If anyone in Chi is willing 2 rent their van to us for a few feb shows, please contact us. Much love." Please contact the band with any details you might have.

Sad news. Scotland Yard Gospel Choir gear details, below..

Scotland Yard Gospel Choir gear:

Violin and 2 guitars stolen from trunk of car outside The Whistler on Milwaukee on Sat.

VIOLIN - Handmade, bears label: "Samuel Giovanni Casco in Örebro Anno 2010 For Ethan Adelsman".
The back has these measurements: 35,2 cm, 16,5 cm, 11,1 cm, 20,3 cm. The linseed oil based varnish is a warm orange-brown color on a golden ground.
The Bow: Handmade by E. Herrmann of Brazilian pernambuco wood with silver mounted hardware. the bow bears inscription: E. HERRMANN ***
Violin & bow were in a Bam Lotus case, black with grayish stripes on the top and black backpack-style straps.

FENDER MUSTANG, 1966 model. Pale blue with black pickguard, 1 pickup is black, the other is white. Had red strap with black lightning bolt pattern.
FENDER TELECASTER, black with white pickguard, made in Mexico. Has a chip in the finish near the bottom strap mount.

Instruments belong to Ethan Adelsman of Scotland Yard Gospel Choir. If you have info, please call Bloodshot Records 773-604-5300 or send message.

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