"We are the halftime show at the Empty Bottle Superbowl party next Sunday. There may be a special guest or two. p.s. Madonna was and always will be a whore." - Football

Football @ IL Centennial Monument this past summer

Football (the band) will be playing on football (the sport)'s biggest day, Super Bowl Sunday (2/5), at the Empty Bottle. Clearly, someone has a sense of humor, but we can't think of a better way to spend the day.

Instead of a half-time show from Skeletor (aka the Material Girl), we welcome the insanely appropriately named band Football [The Ponys, A/V Murder, Baseball Furies, Tight Phantomz, France Has the Bomb, Guilty Pleasures] to melt faces for twelve and a half minutes on our stage - bring your cone bras and penalty flags!

As if that wasn't enough, we know no Super Bowl party would be complete without some delicious grub. Bring a dish for our bar-wide pot-lock and if you're feeling game, whip up a dip for our first ever Empty Bottle Chip & Dip-off! Next door, Bite Café will be cranking out chips but feel free to bring some of your own if there's a certain pairing you're envisioning with your signature dip. The winner of the Dip-Off will receive some very special prizes courtesy of the Empty Bottle but really, all in attendance will be winners - who doesn't love dip? [the Empty Bottle]

Admission is FREE and you can watch the game on a screen that's (probably) bigger than the one you own.