I walked into Lincoln Hall just in time to catch the tail end of Chicago-based In Tall Buildings' set; then wishing that I had arrived just a bit earlier. The Whistler Records signees looked extremely comfortable playing to the already large crowd. After a short set change, it was time for Little Scream. They announced that it was their last show on tour with Sharon Van Etten, and that it has been an honor to work with her. Little Scream consists of two strong female singers (playing guitar and violin respectively), plus an also guitar-toting drummer. Their sound referenced the likes of Andrew Bird-esque violin plucking, interwoven with streams of freak folk and choral arrangements. Little Scream will go out with The Antlers on their Burst Apart tour, starting in mid-May. The tour will hit Metro on June 11th.

Sharon Van Etten took to the stage at 11, sans band. "How is everybody doing?", she offers. The crowd cheers, "That's a relief, otherwise this would be weird!" she quirked back. The Brooklyn, NY songbird then dove into "Call It A Joke", and "Consolation Prize" before inviting her band out to join her on Epic's breakout track "Peace Signs". The crowd was silent, pleasant, and seemingly appreciative to simply have her in town. As an artist, what more could you ask for? The trio gave a flawless performance, that rivaled their set at the 2011 BrooklynVegan SXSW Official Showcase. Sharon's voice really carried throughout the cavernous hall, settling down evenly in the eardrums of adoring fans. Referencing Rod Stewart's show at the United Center she said, "I know some people are probably here begrudgingly. I will never be Rod Stewart, but I hope to have his haircut one day." The Epic heavy set also consisted of older songs, like the now reworked full-band version of "Tornado". Just like her pals The National, Sharon also has one of those wooden bellows pianos, and employed it on tracks such as "Love More". Late into her set, Sharon pulled out an unlikely but amazing rendition of Blaze Foley's "Ooh Love". Speaking of covers, on the second song of her encore her band, and all of Little Scream joined the stage to take part in a version of Fine Young Cannibals' "She Drives Me Crazy". As prefaced by Sharon, the Onion A.V. got that same version earlier on in the day. I think I speak for everyone involved, in saying that we'd love to have her back again as soon as possible.

You can view more of Grant's photos, and Sharon Van Etten's setlist below...

Little Scream

Sharon Van Etten
Sharon Van Etten - Lincoln Hall 4/9 Setlist:
Call It A Joke *solo*
Consolation Prize *solo*
Peace Signs *band joins*
Save Yourself *Laurel Sprengelmeyer aka Little Scream joins for the rest of the set*
One Day
Don't Do It
A Crime
Tornado *reworked for full band*
***new song***
Tell Me *solo*
Ooh Love *Blaze Foley cover* *solo*
Love More
Untitled *solo*
She Drives Me Crazy *Fine Young Cannibals cover* *full band & full Little Scream*

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