Slint's extremely thorough Spiderland box set is due to hit stores on April 15 via Touch and Go Records. One of its many components is Breadcrumb Trail, a never-before-seen, 90-minute documentary on the band and the making of Spiderland. It features extensive interviews with Slint, Steve Albini, Ian Mackaye, David Grubbs, David Yow, James Murphy, and more. You can check out a trailer for it at the bottom of this post. The film will be screening at the Music Box Theatre on April 16 and a Q&A with director Lance Bangs will follow it. Tickets are on sale now.

UPDATE: Slint members Dave Pajo and Todd Brashear will join the Q&A session.

Slint will also be touring North America this spring and their run includes a performance at the Bottom Lounge on May 10. Tickets are still available.

The trailer for Breadcrumb Trail can be found below...