If you finished Netflix's fantastic new 80s-set sci-fi show Stranger Things and are already thirsting for season 2 and/or really anything related to the damn thing, perhaps you might be interested in the fact that Steve has a psych band.

The Steve in question is "Steve Harrington,"  the somewhat douchey love interest to Nancy Wheeler, who comes up big in the finale (almost as big as his hair), and is played by young actor (and musician) Joe Keery. Joe's band is called Post Animal, and they've been active on the rich Chicago music scene for a while now. They play a lush, detailed, Tame Impala-influenced brand of psychedelia. While the band is currently getting a boost of notoriety due to Joe's recent acting success, we point them out not as some kind of novelty: they're actually good. Their LP from last year, called Post Animal Perform the Most Curious Water Activities, is weird and ear-wormy at the same time, druggy and carefully wrought psych-pop that sounds like it should have pretty broad appeal. Give that thing a listen below.

Post Animal play pretty frequently here in Chicago and will be opening for The Orwells at 1st Ward at Chop Shop on August 12 and 13. Those shows also feature The Symposium and Joe Bordenero & The Late Bloomers. Tickets for those shows are on sale now.

If you need more, check out Austin band S U R V I V E whose core members did the eerie synth score for Stranger Things. Listen to Post Animal Perform the Most Curious Water Activities below.

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