photos by Zach Pollack, words by Josh Agulnick

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Yesterday, The Beets hosted an in-store at Permanent Records opened by the UK-based band Brown Brogues. Despite the somewhat cramped setting, both bands turned in fiery sets. Brown Brogues, a drums and guitar duo started off the night with a set of minimalist, blues-infused tracks, in the vein of The Black Keys. The band kept the energy level high throughout their entire set, and were a great match for The Beets' garage-influenced set. The Beets themselves gave a great performance, playing songs that recall mid-60's garage rock, yet retained enough originality to keep one from thinking that they're just a 60's knock-off group. The band barreled through their set with sheer energy, be it a low-key groove or a high-energy number. Guitarist Juan Wauters referred to a show they were playing at the Hideout later that night, but it didn't seem like the band treated the in-store performance as a lesser gig by any means. They even stuck around to play an extra song, ending with Juan Wauters alluding to The Rolling Stones' "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction)." The small Ukrainian Village store was filled to the brim with fans of all ages. A great performance from the Queens, NY band.

The Beets then ventured on to their second show of the night, over at Hideout featuring: Campfires, and Distractions.

More pictures from both The Beets, and Brown Brogues in-store are below...

Brown Brogues
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The Beets
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