The Beets @ Don Hill's during NY's fashion week 2011 (more by Andrew St. Clair)

Queens, NY trio The Beets have two shows on their roster for tonight in Chicago. The band will play a free in-store over at Permanent Records (no affiliation with Greenpoint - Brooklyn, NY's Permanent Records), starting at 5PM. They have recently released their LP Stay Home via Captured Tracks, you can pick that up tonight at the in-store.

They also have a headlining slot at Hideout tonight with support from Campfires, and Distractions. Doors are at 9PM.

Tonight aside, The Beets have only three scheduled stops left on this tour. Before returning home to NY they'll hit Toronto, Montreal, and Somerville, MA.

The Stay Home LP track listing, and some videos are below...

Stay Home LP
1. Cold Lips
2. Dead
3. Hens & Roosters
4. Watching TV
5. Pops N Me
6. Floating
7. Eat No Dick 2
8. Let It Dim
9. Knock on Wood
10. Let It Dim
11. Your Name is On My Bones
12. Young Girl
13. Flight 14

THE BEETS/JUAN WAUTERS/WALK ON YOUR TOES from matthew volz on Vimeo.