by Andrew Sacher

The Hotelier

Worcester, MA's The Hotelier (formerly The Hotel Year) will release their sophomore album, Home, LIke Noplace Is There, next week (2/25) via Tiny Engines. If you've never heard the band, and you just check out one song, you might write The Hotelier off as the kind of mall pop punk that gave this genre a bad name. Because on the surface, The Hotelier kind of do sound that way. But a listen to the full record reveals a real depth to their songwriting, and an unexpected amount of diversity too. The comparatively harsher screams on "Life In Drag" have them sounding like Jeremy of Touche Amore fronting The Wonder Years, they come near Manchester Orchestra territory on "Housebroken," and if this emo stuff is up your alley at all, the anthemic pop punk of "The Scope Of All Of This Rebuilding" is damn near undeniable. You can stream the record in full at Pitchfork.

The Hotelier are currently on a tour with Osoosooso, the other project of JD of State Lines, who also offers an interesting take on 2000s-style pop punk. That tour hits Chicago on March 16 at Township with Devon Kay & the Solutions. No advance tickets at the moment, but check Township's site for updates.

All dates are listed, along with a stream of one of the LP tracks, below...


The Hotelier - "The Scope Of All Of This Rebuilding"

The Hotelier -- 2014 Tour Dates
FEB 18 - Austin, TX @ Mohawk w/ Osoosooso
FEB 19 - Tucson, AZ @ Club Congress w/ Osoosooso
FEB 21 - Mesa, AZ @ The Nile Theater w/ Osoosooso
FEB 22 - Murietta, CA @ The Dial w/ State Lines
FEB 23 - La Puente, CA @ Bridgetown DIY w/ State Lines
FEB 24 - Isla Vista, CA @ The Biko Garage w/ State Lines
FEB 26 - San Jose, CA @ The Rock Shop w/ State Lines
FEB 27 - Fresno, CA @ Chinatown Youth Center w/ State Lines
FEB 28 - Martinez, CA @ The Ant Hill w/ State Lines
MAR 01 - Redding, CA @ The Slab w/ State Lines
MAR 02 - Portland, OR @ Dekum Manor w/ State Lines
MAR 04 - Centralia, WA @ Quesadilla Factory w/ Osoosooso
MAR 06 - Seattle, WA @ El Corazon w/ Osoosooso
MAR 07 - Boise, ID @ The High Note w/ Osoosooso
MAR 09 - Denver, CO @ Seventh Circle w/ Osoosooso
MAR 11 - Lincoln, NE @ Knickerbockers w/ Osoosooso
MAR 13 - Kansas City, MO @ Art Closet Studios w/ Osoosooso
MAR 14 - St. Louis, MO @ The Firebird w/ Osoosooso
MAR 15 - Bloomington, IN @ House Show w/ Osoosooso
MAR 16 - Chicago, IL @ Township w/ Osoosooso
MAR 17 - Grand Rapids, MI @ House of Pancakes w/ Osoosooso
MAR 18 - Ann Arbor, MI @ 907 Lincoln w/ Osoosooso
MAR 19 - Toronto, ON @ The 460 w/ Osoosooso
MAR 20 - Ottawa, ON @ House Show w/ Osoosooso
MAR 21 - Montreal, QC @ Tim Allen's Palace w/ Osoosooso

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