The Juan Maclean released their third LP, Everybody Get Close, this past October via DFA Records. Download the album's title track at the top of this post and/or stream it below.

Mishka recently reviewed the LP:

As a retrospective, Everybody Get Close is like a journey in the genesis of a Chicago styled house musician. It is obvious in every drumclap and 303 squelch. Consisting of material that dates as early as when Maclean was working on The Future is Now, this new compilation of b-sides and remixes doesn't hold together well as an album, but that never detracts from the fact that these are some heavy heavy dance tracks.

Catch The Juan Maclean at Berlin, when they come to town to play a DJ Set on January 6th.

All 2012 tour dates, below..

The Juan Maclean - "Everybody Get Close"

01-06 Berlin Nightclub - Chicago
01-07 Detroit Bar - Costa Mesa
01-21 Yotel Hotel - New York
03-03 The Bowler Bar - Brisbane
03-04 Future Music Festival - Brisbane
03-05 Future Music Festival - Perth
03-09 Metro Theatre - Sydney
03-10 Future Music Festival - Sydney
03-11 Future Music Festival - Melbourne
03-12 Roxanne Parlour - Melbourne
03-13 Future Music Festival - Adelaide
04-05 Bardot - Miami

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