On a rainy Saturday in April of last year, The Numero Group opened its first retail location. For ten hours we gave Chicago record fiends an alternative to the Record Store Day juggernaut of over-hyped exclusive product and two hour lines by doing one thing: offering new and used records at an affordable price. On Saturday April 21st, we aim to change nothing except the space (bigger) and the number of dealers (doubled).

The Empty Bottle has been kind enough to offer their nearly 3000 square foot space at 1035 North Western Avenue. We'll be cramming every square inch of it with tens of thousands of LPs, CDs, tapes, 45s, DVDs, books, and magazines, sold by dealers trekking to Chicago from all over the US.

Numero Group will boast two tables of our own wares, where buyers can select from our 100 strong catalog to fill in holes in their Numero archive. We'll also be selling our limited edition record store day LP/CD WTNG 89.9FM: Solid Bronze, and a limited-to-100 copies 45 that can only be purchased at this location.

Additionally, Numero will be setting up our mobile FM radio station, WTNG 89.9, broadcasting live from the Empty Bottle's stage all day to a five mile radius. We'll have guest DJs, a contest, and a live auction, all bookended with vintage radio ads for long-since-shuttered local businesses.

This record utopia will open at 9AM and close at 6PM. Cash, credit, or barter accepted. Steal, beg, or kill to attend. [The Numero Group]

If you're already starting to plan your own Record Store Day out, make sure you stop at the bottle to check out Numero's setup. Pop-up shop promo video, below..



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