by Jonathan Mondragon

The Velvet Teen at Subterranean on 9/14 (via BV Chicago Instagram)

Chicago was lucky enough to catch Santa Rosa experimental rockers The Velvet Teen on a short detour from their current tour with Foster the People. Sunday (9/14)'s show was opened by Jack and Ace, a duo featuring Bob Nanna of Braid and significant other Lauren Lo. Following their set, The Velvet Teen took the stage, playing a set chock-full of new material from their forthcoming, as-yet-untitled record, due to be released "soon," their first in 8 years since 2006's Cum Laude!. These new tracks showcased an even more nuanced and unique sound than previous releases, with a good blend of their more guitar-based rock and textured electronic/synth works; one song even featured a prominent vocoder part. Currently touring as a 5-piece band, the new lineup featured guitarist Jacy McIntosh as well as singer Judah Nagler's brother, Ephriam Nagler, on keys and electronics. Aside from the exciting new material, the band played all of their 2010 EP No Star, "Noi Boi" and "Spin the Wink" from Cum Laude!, early track "Naked Girl," and Out of the Fierce Parade rocker "Radiapathy." Of particular note was singer Judah Nagler's Sriracha t-shirt and flat-billed "Rich As Fuck" cap, which perfectly complimented the rich emotional depth of their songs. The band was in fine form, with the new members greatly expanding on the textural palette of a band that has long performed as a trio. TVT's rhythm section, featuring bassist Josh Staples (also of The New Trust) and drummer Casey Deitz (Peace'd Out / The Americas), especially was a spectacle, with their powerful melodic bass playing and furious flurry of drums bringing a wealth of energy to the show.

The Velvet Teen's full Sub-t setlist, complete with new songs under working titles, can be found below...


The Velvet Teen -- 9/14 Subterranean Setlist:
The Giving In*
You Are the First*
Naked Girl
The Manifest*
Noi Boi
Fixing a Faucet
Spin the Wink
Pavlovian Bell
No Star

* -- new songs with working titles

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