Baton Rouge sludge crew Thou and Portland-based avant-garde metal duo The Body just recently dropped a surprise collaborative EP called Released From Love. The four-song, vinyl-only effort is some very, very punishing stuff, and you can give it a spin at the bottom of this post.

Thou and The Body will be embarking on a summer US tour together in late-June. That tour features both collaborative and solo sets throughout. The two acts will roll into Chicago in mid-July for a pair of pre-Gilead Media Fest shows. They'll do an early show at Club Rectum on July 17 with Ash Borer and Hell, and will also play the Empty Bottle later that night with the same two openers and additional support from Hate. Club Rectum will feature standard sets and the Bottle show will be a collaborative performance. Tickets for the Empty Bottle are on sale now.

All known Thou // The Body dates and a stream of their new EP lie after the jump...


Thou & The Body -- 2014 Tour
06.30.14 - Baton Rouge
07.01.14 - Birmingham at The Forge (5505 1st Avenue) at seven pm with Lume
07.02.14 - Greensboro at Legitimate Business
07.03.14 - Richmond (matinee) at Empire the Bar at two pm
07.03.14 - DC at The Pinch (3548 14th Street NW) at seven pm with Vilkacis, Pygmy Lush, and Jail Solidarity
07.04.14 - Baltimore (matinee) at Sidebar (218 E. Lexington Street) at noon with Curse
07.04.14 - Philadelphia with Hirs, Pissgrave, and Backslider
07.05.14 - Jersey City (matinee) at WFMU (43 Montgomery Street)
07.05.14 - New York (matinee) at ABC No Rio with Vilkacis and Ghede
07.05.14 - New York with Ghastly City Sleep
07.06.14 - New London (matinee) at The Orphanage (300 State Street) at one pm with Empty Vessels and Snow Orphan
07.06.14 - Worcestor at The Firehouse at eight pm with Rozamov and Fórn
07.07.14 - Boston with Curmudgeon
07.08.14 - Providence at Machines with Magnets
07.12.14 - Syracuse at Westcott Community Center (826 Euclid Avenue) at seven pm with Bleak and Blood Sun Circle
07.13.14 - Pittsburgh at The Shop
07.14.14 - Detroit at Trumbullplex (4230 Common Wealth) at seven pm
07.15.14 - Grand Rapids
07.16.14 - Michigan City at Carbon Room (9833 W 300 N) at eight pm with Angry Gods
07.17.14 - Chicago at Club Rectum (early all ages show, doing solo sets)
07.17.14 - Chicago at Empty Bottle (late show, collabo set) with Ash Borer and Hell

07.18.14 - Oshkosh (collaboration sets) at Masonic Center (204 Washington) at five pm with Ash Borer, Hell, Inter Arma, Protestant, and Oozing Wound // Gilead Fest
07.19.14 - Oshkosh (Body solo) at Masonic Center (204 Washington) two pm with Bastard Sapling, Mutilation Rites, Kowloon Walled City, Geryon, False, Sea of Bones, Owlfood, Hexer // Gilead Fest
07.20.14 - Oshkosh (Thou solo) Masonic Center (204 Washington) at one pm with Barghest, Loss, Uzala, Lychgate, Seidr, Generation of Vipers, Alraune, and Northless // Gilead Fest