Ty Segall @ Thalia Hall 3/7/2016

...And then of course there's Segall, who literally crawled out on stage sporting his patented evil baby mask that is equal parts hilarious and disturbing at the same time. The band proceeded to rip through the entirety of Emotional Mugger, which sounded just as malevolent in a live setting as it does on record. The crowd responded with a mixed since of enthusiasm and bemusement throughout the night, as for all visceral moments throughout the set, there were also plenty of oddball ones as well. Somewhat disappointingly, Segall only donned his baby mask for the opening song "Squealer" before quickly abandoning it until, fittingly, "Big Baby Man" (a fantastically menacing tune). But baby mask or not, Segall was in character for the duration of the performance, staying true to the emotionless, somewhat catatonic state he portrayed in the spectacularly unsettling Emotional Mugger video released a few months earlier - [Soundlab]

Ty Segall's tour with his all-star Muggers band played two nights at Chicago's Thalia Hall, and we caught the first of those (March 7) which was with Axis:Sova. (The 3/8 show, which the review above is from, was CFM and Feels.) Pictures are in this post and continue below...


Axis: Sova

Ty Segall & The Muggers