Magic Key

today in Chicago
* Magic Key, Gel Set, Matchess @ Empty Bottle
* Nate McBride, Bootstrap, John Corbett @ Hideout
* Hate Storm Annihilation, Age of Ares, Silas @ Ultra Lounge
* The Big Lebowski vs. High Fidelity @ Lincoln Hall (Free Screenings)
* Chicken Happen, Krayola, The Kreutzer Sonata, Cat Or Mouse @ Township
* The Early Meadows, The New Originals, Twin Peaks, Baby Kid @ Subterranean

Magic Key, Gel Set, and Matchess play the Empty Bottle tonight. You can get in for free if you RSVP before 5PM.

Lincoln Hall are screening The Big Lebowski and High Fidelity for free tonight.

Morrissey played a new song, called "Action Is My Middle Name" on Letterman last night. Check out the footage below.

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What else?

Morrissey - "Action Is My Middle Name" on Letterman